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Stone Ground Mills Buckwheat Pancake Mix

Who doesn’t love hot, fresh pancakes for breakfast? With our Stone Ground Mills Buckwheat Pancake Mix, you can whip up a batch of nutritious, flavorful pancakes for your next meal. The nutty buckwheat flavor and satisfying texture creates light, fluffy pancakes that people will simply love.

Every Stone Ground Mills breakfast product is free from added sugars or salt, and our pancake mix is no exception. The mix contains:

  • Zero cholesterol
  • Zero saturated fat
  • Dietary fiber to promote healthy digestive action and regularity
  • Important nutrients like iron and calcium

That irresistible flavor and satisfying texture makes our pancake mix one of our most popular breakfast products. The nutritional value of buckwheat helps sustain energy throughout the morning, letting you perform at your best without the blood sugar spikes and high-calorie drawbacks to pancakes prepared with processed white flour.

Each serving of our Buckwheat Pancake Mix (1/3 cup or 50 g) contains only 160 calories, making it a smart choice for people with dietary restrictions or those interested in watching their weight. The mix is available in a large 32 oz. package or by the case of six packages right in our online store.

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