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Stone Ground Mills Untoasted Wheat Germ

Our Stone Ground Mills Untoasted Wheat Germ is all-natural, milled from the finest hard red wheat available. It’s packed with high protein to help promote energy and to build strong bodies. It has a great wheat flavor and a pleasant, chewy consistency that people crave. Our Untoasted Wheat Germ is a versatile cereal product, and can be eaten plain with a splash of milk or almond milk, , added to pancake mixes for a hearty flavor, or sprinkled on side dishes, vegetables – even desserts -- for increased nutritional value.

As with every Stone Ground Mills product, our wheat germ is free of added salt or sugars which can lead to swings in blood sugar levels. This nutritious and flavorful wheat germ contains:

  • No saturated fats
  • No cholesterol
  • 4g of dietary protein
  • Beneficial nutrients like iron and calcium

Each serving (2 tablespoons, or 15g) contains only 50 calories. It’s perfect for those watching their weight, and the fiber promotes healthy digestion for regularity. Eat it by itself or sprinkle on other foods for an added dimension of flavor and nutrition you can only get from the highest-quality wheat germ product on the market. The Untoasted Wheat Germ comes in single 10 oz. packages or a case of six packages in our online store.

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