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Stone Ground Mills 4 Grain Cereal MatesCereal Mates consists of equal parts of finely rolled, quick cooking flakes of cracked wheat, cracked rye, cracked barley and steel cut oats. This is a unique combination producing maximum nutrition, texture and fiber. Nutrition Info

Stone Ground Mills 7 Grain CerealA variety of cracked grains, whole seeds and bran are combined to provide maximum whole grain nourishment and increase the efficiency of the digestive system. None of the original nutrients have been processed out. Nutrition Info

Stone Ground Mills Buckwheat Pancake Mix -
The unique taste and texture of buckwheat is combined with high protein whole wheat flour in these delicious light pancakes which provide excellent nutrition and fiber. This mix features fewer calories and more nutrients than pancake mixes made with white flour.

Stone Ground Mills Flax Seeds
Raw, whole flax seeds are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and lignans. They are enjoyed for their nutty flavor. They may be added directly to hot or cold cereals, yogurt or sprinkled over breads and rolls before baking to add texture and color to foods and they are a natural way to maintain body regularity. Nutrition Info

Stone Ground Mills Hot Apple GranolaRaisins, apple bits and cinnamon are added to cracked wheat,rye, barley and oats for this delicious fruit and spice combination. An incomparable mix of good nutrition, fiber and flavor. Nutrition Info
Stone Ground Mills Untoasted Wheat GermThe natural untoasted germ milled from hard red wheat results in a high protein content. The rich wheat flavor of the germ and its chewy texture make it an excellent addition to almost any food for increased nutritional value. Sprinkle it over everything from cereals, salads, vegetables to desserts. Nutrition Info
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