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Stone Ground Mills Hot Apple Granola

To get ready for a busy day, start things off right with a serving of our delicious Stone Ground Mills Hot Apple Granola. Flavorful, hearty grains like wheat, barley, rye, and oats are combined with the sweet kiss of fruity raisins and apple bits to create a taste sensation that lasts. A dash of cinnamon adds a delectable flavor to this nutritious cereal product.

Just as with our other cereal products, our Hot Apple Granola is filled with nutrients and dietary fiber to promote healthy digestion. It is free of added salt and sugar and helps sustain energy throughout the morning. Our granola contains:

  • 20% of the recommended daily value of dietary fiber
  • 5g of protein
  • No saturated fats
  • No cholesterol

Our Hot Apple Granola is easy to prepare and the flavor keeps people coming back again and again. Try it for your next breakfast and enjoy the exotic flavors, nutty crunch, and satisfying full feeling only top-quality whole grains can provide.

Each serving of granola (1/3 cup or 45g) contains 130 calories. That’s ideal for those watching their weight or people with other dietary restrictions. Our granola product is available in single 16 oz. packages or cases of six packages in our convenient online store.

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