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Our company, or its predecessor, has been producing the highest quality hot cereals and pancake mixes in the Northwest since 1995. For most of that time you knew our hot cereals as “Stone-Buhr” cereals, and you have enjoyed our healthful and nutritious 7-Grain Hot Cereal, Hot Apple Granola Cereal and 4-Grain Cereal Mates since the 1930’s. Our loyal customers can be found throughout the country. Over the years our hot cereals have become a staple for nutrition conscious consumers. Unfortunately, the “Stone-Buhr” cereal brand has been retired** but we will continue to produce those same fine hot cereals and pancake mixes under the new brand name “Stone Ground Mills”. Regardless of the name appearing on the package, our cereals will continue to maintain their unique and memorable texture and flavor. The hot cereals that we produce and that you have enjoyed for so many years will remain the same . . . only their brand name has changed!

**Discontinuation of the “Stone-Buhr” brand name for hot cereals and pancake mixes in no way affects the availability of “Stone-Buhr” flour products. For information about “Stone-Buhr” flour products visit their website at www.stone-buhr.com.


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